Bin Laden Replaced


Osama Bin Laden’s label of top wanted man in the world has been replaced by Eric Justin Toth, child pornographer ♣

A man sought in connection with child pornography charges has taken the place vacated by Osama bin Laden on the FBI’s 10 Most-Wanted list.

ImageEric Justin Toth, 30, was a former third grade teacher at the prestigious Beauvoir-National Cathedral School in Washington D.C in 2008 when a school camera allegedly in his possession was found to contain pornographic images


While it is unclear how many children Toth abused or possibly molested because his indictment is under seal at a federal court, it is known that Toth has been on the run since December 2008.

Last seen in Arizona in 2009, Toth has been moving through Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Minnesota and uses the alias of David Bussone to work as a tutor or even as a male nanny.


 Described as six-foot-three inches tall, with a mole under his left eye and weighing 155 pounds, Toth is believed to be skilled with computers and is security conscious.

 ~S P E A K  4  T H E M ~



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