Hunger Strike of Comrade Ghulam.R Sahto Finished

Hunger Strike of Com G R Sahto Finished

The influential politicians with the help of officials of Irrigation Department are stealing water that has left lands of growers at the tail-ends of canals in Sindh barren, he said while talking to media.
Reposing no confidence in the current system, he said that police is
disregarding orders of the court
s and contributing to the collapse of the irrigations system, situation cannot improve unless whole irrigations system is handed over to Rangers.
Ghulam Rasool Sahto said that politicians are also cutting forests in Sindh to make lands cultivatable which is going unnoticed; he informed adding that province has so far lost forests on 3.6 million acres.
Three million acres of tail-end areas had dried up and the crops worth billions of rupees were at risk if water was not supplied at the earliest, he warned.
Districts banned for paddy are also involved in paddy growing. Sindh’s second largest cotton belt, Ghotki is again facing problem from paddy growers, as there has been no action, he said. Mismanagement of water under the pressure of powerful landlords located at the heads of channels is the main reason for the artificial water shortage in tail-end areas while officials of Irrigation department have made fortunes in the process, he said.
Sahto said that Rs 440 million have been approved for the upkeep of 645 tube wells in different areas while the fact is that only 100 are working.
He called upon the Supreme Court to intervene in the matter and save hundreds of thousands of starving farmers. He also urged the Chief Justice to take note of the issue of ghost schools in Sindh. Out of forty nine thousand schools, forty one thousands schools are closed while over eight thousand teachers of the ghost schools are receiving salaries with the connivance of officials of education department which is pushing province into Stone Age.


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