FRCs (Frequently Raised Chutyapas) about Malala’s Book

Hope-PHI’ve seen a lot of folks spreading around the disgusting nonsense being propogated by Urea Maqbool Jan and Ansar Abbasi against Malala. Here are some FRCs (Frequently Raised Chutyapas) about Malala’s book, and how to approach them.
FRC 1.
Malala’s stand against the Taliban was awesome, but now she has “fallen into the wrong hands” and is being “used”.
She got shot, she barely survived, she was sent abroad for treatment, she is now studying abroad. Outside the Land of the Pure (Nutters), it is considered an honour for you to be associated with her, whatever your agenda might be.
The world (rightly) digs her. Deal with it.

FRC 2.
Her father is “using” her.
Ever since she was born, her father has treated her like someone with a future. He ran a school, all he wanted was for her to be a great woman and to go to school. He cared about what sort of human being she would turn out to be, unlike your parents, which is why you grew up to be a petty, impotent Fascist.

FRC 3.
Her book is more about her father than about her own self.
She’s 16. She thinks her dad is cool. He loved her and raised her well. Of course she’s going to talk about him a lot.

FRC 4.
Her book doesn’t deal with drones enough.
When she went to meet the President of the United States, she took care to bring up the issue of drones, and condemn them. You would not do the same in front of a petty customs official on your next trip into a NATO country. Nor would the civil and military leadership of your country. Does the territorial defence of Pakistan now rest on the shoulders of 16-year-old girl now? If so, treat her better and maybe she’ll be persuaded to take it up. She is braver than you.

FRC 5.
Her book brings up Salman Rushdie and supports his blasphemous writings.
No, she says she was taught to view it as a wrong thing but that she would prefer that a book were written in response to Rushdie rather than trying uselessly to kill him. She has a more humane understanding of what it means to be a Muslim. Learn from her.

FRC 6.
Her book does not use “SAW” or “PBUH” when referring to the Prophet Muhammad.
If this were compulsory, you would have to modify your kalima e shahada, because you say the Prophet’s name there without any “pbuh” or “SAW”. There is no rule about this, please stop making stuff up. Its considered bid’ah in Islam, and religious scholars tend to take a dim view of such things.

FRC 7.
I still want to hate on her and/or spread slanderous lies against her as if I were a louse in the hair on a Talib’s testicle.
That is your choice. Know that global public opinion today and History itself will both shit on you. If at all they take note of your cowardice, dishonesty and cruelty.

Courtesy: Ziyaad Faisal’s Facebook Account


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