A letter to Lateef Johar (#SaveBSOAzadLeader)






A Letter to Lateef Johar




My very dear, respected and brave comrade Lateef Johar,


You have been on a hunger strike (till death) for almost a month now, demanding the release of Zahid Baloch (BSO-Azad) – You have had no water or food and I am sure that at this point, your body has started to eat itself, a very painful process. I am witnessing you melt away right in front of my eyes, each update i get and pictures i see of you, you look weaker. I feel a heaviness on my conscience and a helplessness every time i catch a glimpse of your parched lips and sunken eyes. I cannot do much for you, my dear one.

But i am going to do what i can do and that is to request you to end your hunger strike – Let me tell you why i am asking you to do that. The ones who are carrying out a methodical genocide against the Baloch, those who kill and dump bodies of young men and send mutilated bodies to bereft mothers, those who abduct, those who have closed down girls’ schools, those who confiscate progressive literature from the Baloch, those who have silenced and killed local Baloch press – they don’t care, they simply don’t care about your hunger strike or about the Baloch people in general. They don’t care about Ahmedis, Christians, Hazaras, Pushtoons, they only care about a particular group of people and not the rest.


If you die, they will be happy. Please do not make them happy.


Every time you die, Ahmedis die, Christians are killed, journalists shot dead, they are happy and have hideous smirks on their faces. You see, my dear comrade, people in this country are too consumed with killing each other, issuing fatwas over people who died hundreds of years ago, they don’t care about those who are alive now and need grievances heard, want some rights and live with some dignity. They do not care about you, they only care about their greed and their evil designs.


But, I care about you. I care about your struggle, about your bravery, your resolve, your perseverance, your beautiful dark eyes that still have a flicker of hope and I want to see that light in you for many many years. I care about your life and about your mother and sisters and family, about many other missing Baloch people, about the tears of mothers whose sons have been killed, I care.


I want you to live and continue the struggle, you and others like you are needed and will be needed for a long time to come as those who don’t care will not cease their atrocities any time soon, in fact they will just escalate. So, I appeal to you to please live and end the strike but not the struggle. Please do not make them happy!


In solidarity and with immense love,

Fatimah Ihsan





2 thoughts on “A letter to Lateef Johar (#SaveBSOAzadLeader)

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