17 Years Old Girl, Neha, Beats a Male Wrestler!

Breaking the stereotype, a 17-year-old Uttarakhand girl, Neha Tomar, stunned wrestlers and spectators alike when she pinned down a well-known seasoned male wrestler Sonu Pehlwan, who was not only older and more experienced, but also 16 kg heavier.


On Friday evening, as spectators at a jam-packed ground in Bareilly enjoyed bouts one after the other, cheering for their favorites, male wrestlers were in for a surprise when a teen-aged girl participant challenged them. Initially they tried to ignore her, but she continued challenging them. After a while, wrestler Sonu Pehlwan, also hailing from Uttarakhand, accepted her challenge.

In less than 10 minutes of match, Neha defeated Sonu in the match showing unmatched power. Crowd kept cheering for her on watching Sonu going down. She showed no lack of strength in the mud arena and surprised everyone with her unpredictable victory.

Neha said,”I wanted to show the women participants present here that we are no less in strength and can be equally good at the sport. But the actual reason for which I challenged the male wrestlers was that I had already beaten all the women participants in the event.”

By: TLI (The Logical Indian)


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