NSF Gilgit-Baltistan Demands Immediate Release of Comrade Baba Jan & GB12

Karachi (PR):

National Students Federation, Gilgit-Baltistan protested in front of Karachi Press Club for the political prisoners in Gilgit-Baltistan Jails. Despite the claims of federal government about not having any political prisoners: Baba Jan, Iftikhar, Aleem and many others in Gilgit Baltistan are enough to prove the colonized status of Gilgit Baltistan by Pakistan and its global allies. 


Karachi: NSF Gilgit-Baltistan, Gilgit-Baltistan Youth & Awami Workers Party, Sindh called a protest on 20th November 2014, at Thursday night at Karachi Press Club. The motive of this protest was to demand immediate release of Progressive Marxist Leader from Gilgit-Baltistan Comrade Baba Jan and his fellow comrades.

Comrade Ehtisham Ali (President. NSFGB Sindh Zone) said in his speech that, ”Baba Jan was among those who were leading a campaign for the compensation of IDPs in Hunza after the chaos created by Atta Abad Landslide. The demands weren’t fulfilled by the then PPP led government. The Police on protocol of CM-GB Syed Mehdi Shah opened fire on the protesters and two people (a father and son) were killed. following the killing the mob burnt the police station and FIR were launched against more than 100 people of Hunza. Comrade Baba Jan was jailed in this case for almost 1.5 years in past and was brutally tortured after being kidnapped from the jail. Due to the international pressure Comrade Baba Jan was released after a long time and Baba Jan started his activism for the oppressed again. this is the reason they detained our comrade again.

“You get life imprisonment twice for speaking for your rights, is this justice? No, it isn’t. this system needs a great collapse or it will continue it brutality on the working class” , said Comrade Ali Ahmed Jan (the media co-coordinator NSFGB, Sindh Zone).

Many students and youth from Gilgit Baltistan and from Karachi participated in the protest. The central leadership of Awami Workers Party (AWP), Sindh condemned the abuse of ATA (Anti-Terrorist Act) on progressive Political Workers. They demanded the immediate release of Comrade Baba Jan and GB12 and they also decided to connect the struggles across the state to end occupation on the working class by the handful elite.


Comrade Enayat Baig (Gen. Sec. NSFGB Sindh Zone) said in his speech that, “Comrade Baba Jan has been awarded life imprisonment two times+40 years. This doesn’t make any sense. They just want to instill fear among those who are struggling for this cause. Those who protested against the unjust decision of Anti-terrorist courts were launched FIR for being anti-state.” He added that we will continue this struggle and no one has the right to attack on our right to dissent.

The protesters chanted “Down with-ATA, Down with PPO, #FreeBabaJan, #FreeIftikhar, Down with GB’s puppet Govt., #FreeGB12, #FreeGhulamDastagheer, #FreeLQM13 etc.” The protest was ended by the promise to gather again till the release of Comrade Baba Jan and all other Political Prisoners.


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