Baba Jan: Message From the Jail

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Yes I’m in jail and I’m proud of it!

I’m in jail because I didn’t commit any corruption, nor I killed anyone neither I commit any other crime, as the other politicians do!

My crime was to stand up against the state oppression, aggression and hostility! Which I call the voice of my conscious, my belief and my ultimate duty!

I’m not only voice for the oppressed victims of Attabad disaster, I’m voice to all the farmers, the working class people, the women, the students and the youth beyond the boundaries of language, ethnicity, religion and territory!

My religion is serving the poor, my language is the pain of the labours, my ethnicity is the humanity and my boundary is the universe!

If asking for people’s rights is a crime then I will love to stay a criminal or rather the revolt criminal!

I would love if the youth and my comrades would get my message of Peace, Love, Struggle and Devotion to all my beloved mothers, my sisters, to the respected elders and to the students and the youth of not only Hunza and Gojal but also across GB!

The opponents may tell you that I’m a criminal but make sure I’m your son and your son will never ever ashame you!

I’m your pride so you are mine! Trust me I’ll never leave you alone!
I was with you, I’m with you and I’ll remain side by side with you till my last breath!


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