The US President’s Neighbour Died Yesterday

By: Arshad Baig:

I met with this great lady Connie Picciotto just in front of White House last month and had an opportunity to talk to her about her objectives, resilience and mission. Her tent has been positioned outside the White House for more than three decades. It is widely considered the longest-running act of political protest in the United States since 1981.

12642980_1096097537090499_8906093211413358439_nDuring our discussion with her she seemed very brave, committed and full of resilience. I remember her words it is not easy to take such step but anyone has to stand up against injustice, illegitimate attempts against humanity.

I remember, on a question where you from? She replied very nicely “I am from everywhere, I belong to humanity.”

I was fortunate enough to talk to her and met her. The world mourns with but also celebrates the extraordinary life of this remarkable woman who devoted her life to peacefully protecting against violation of human rights and war. May God almighty give her rest in eternal peace and her struggle will inspire people around world.

A short video of the conversation can be found here [Click for Video]

This story is taken from the face book account of Mr. Arshad Baig (A full bright Pakistani scholar at University of Austin, Texas). Speak4them thanks Mr. Arshad for permission of putting this story on our blog.


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