My Father was Murdered with a Plan Known Already: Dr. M. Hassan Auj

Web Desk: Late Dean of the Department of Islamic Studies in Karachi University Dr. Shakeel Auj was murdered after a fatwa issues by his faculty colleague.  The son of late Dr. Auj, has recently uploaded the request letter of his late father to the university administration where he has clearly mentioned the death threats being propagated via a fatwa and text messages by his fellow professor Dr. Abdur Rashid. This is very sad and disappointing that besides having the prior notice of receiving death threats and a release of a controversial fatwa, no steps were taken by the administration to Dr. Shakeel Auj.

Refer to the original document of this case uploaded on social media by Dr. Muhammad Hassan Auj here:


Here is the description Dr. Muhammad Hassan Auj added with the image in his social media:

“No matter, how hard people try, these murderers wont get away with my father’s murder… Apart from very few KU professors, none of them is with us.., but ALLAH is the greatest of all,, IN SHA ALLAH,, nobody would be able to protect the murderers for long…#longliveAuj …. they tried to burnt down our house, attacked our car, got assassinated my father by defaming him as an infidel and blasphemar,, and they still expect us to be quiet.. that is what my father wrote to admin if he gets assassinated… IRONICALLY, it was not produced to the police after assassination and investigation were hampered intentionally… have a look #stoppersecutingDraujfamily nonbody can understand the agony and pain we are going through,, Ya ALLAH Reham



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