Food Scarcity: Women in Hunza March Towards Governor House


Hunza (Web Desk): Recent untimely rains has cause a mass level destruction in Gilgit Baltistan, claiming many lives and damage of a large scale property, houses and businesses of local people. The blockage at the Karakorum Highway (KKH) has caused food scarcity in Gilgit-Baltistan. The government’s role has been a question mark during this very crucial time. Awami Workers’ Party Gilgit-Baltistan protested outside Gilgit Press club against the absence of government in the effected regions. Chilas, Diamer, Hunza and some parts of Ghizar district are one of the most affected regions. After the AWP-GB’s protest number of protests has been recorded in different parts of Gilgit Baltistan for compensations on the destruction people faced.

The most amazing thing happened this week is that women, mostly the older ones in Hunza came out of their homes and had a march towards the governor house. The women in the protest asked, “is food, shelter and clothing is the right of the rich only?”. “Where is the governor Mir Ghazanfer Khan now? We voted and selected him but he left us mercilessly when we are in trouble”.

Find the video coverage of the women’s protest in Hunza below. The Dissent Post extends their thankful regards to for the video. 



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