AWP will make a legal team to intensify the case of Baba Jan – President AWP

November 16th, 2016 | Karachi: More than 600 delegated form across Pakistan, Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan gathered here at National Arts Council Karachi for Awami Workers Party’s 2nd federal congress.

Working class representatives selected with consensus, their new federal level leadership. Fanoos Gujjar was elected as president of the party, Yousuf Masti Khan Abida Chaudary as vice president, Akhtar Hussain Advocate as general secretary, Ismat Shahjahan as deputy general secretary, Farooq Tariq as spokes person, Alya Bakhshal as women’s secretary, Farman Ali as information secretary, Hassan Askari as Kissan Secretary, Safdar Sindhu as labor secretary, Imran Muhammad as Youth Secretary, and Sabahuddin sabah as secretary Education.img_9870

The party stressed office leadership, in their speeches stressed over the case of political prisoners across Pakistan, Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan. Fanoos Gujjar, the newly elected president of the party reiterated the case of Baba Jan who has been awarded life imprisonment by the government of Gilgit-Baltistan.

“Baba Jan’s case in its legal perspective has no any worth, but it is the civilian and military establishment nexus that does not want Baba Jan out of Jail, as he has the habit of asking questions to those whom others do not dare to ask” Gujjar said.

He further said that the party will soon form a legal team to intensify the case of Baba Jan and other political prisoners.

Akhun Bai – who contested the Hunza by-elections after Baba Jan’s electoral documents were rejected by court, spoke to the event. He said he is happy to represent Baba Jan in front of this huge gathering of working class representatives but I am sad about my leader (Baba Jan) who cannot event join his family for a dinner.

“He is innocent; his commitment to the working class in a colonized piece of land is what they call a “crime”, Said Akhun.

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People in the auditorium raised slogans in solidarity with Baba Jan, GB16 and other political prisoners. Slogans like “teri jan meri jan – Baba jan”Jail ka Taala Tootay Ga – Baba Jan Chootay Ga” and “Dartay hain Bandooqun Walay – Nihattay Baba Jan se” were raised high and loud.



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